Busy Season is Here!

The fall/Christmas card season has arrived!! My September was busy with various sessions squeezed into my already busy life and all were such a joy to do – as it is with all my sessions. October and November are pretty packed but I thiiiiink I will be able to add in a few morning sessions along with my evening sessions that are already booked.


Yes, I’m still here!


Yes, I am still here snapping away with my camera, lol!! 2017 has been quite different here at Jen Latham Photography than past years. Not sure how to explain it. Anyhow, I’m not going to try doing a collage for April-current so I figured I’d just post this 1 picture from a session I did a week or so ago. Totally adorable, right?!

Lots of changes happening over here. I can’t fully disclose what is going on yet, but will soon. In my last post I think I mentioned trying to figure out what direction to go in photography wise. Well, in June I was approached with an opportunity and I accepted. Very excited and I am looking forward to sharing exactly what it is soon.

In the meantime, I will try to be better about my posts!!

January-March Recap

So far 2017 has been quite the busy year for my family thus the lull in my blogging the past few months.
January was a quiet month photography wise. It usually is a pretty quiet month for me so I wasn’t too surprised. We were getting hit hard with back to back rain storms during the month so I was happy for the quietness as I would have ended up having to reschedule sessions most likely.  February I was able to get 1 session in before my father in-law lost his battle with cancer on the 7th and then I ended up taking the rest of the month off for bereavement.

For March I was able to get in 5 sessions around my families continuing crazy calendar, lol. I did a couples session, 2 kiddo sessions, and two seniors – one graduating from high school and the other from college.

I have 2 sessions already under my belt for April and 4 more to go. Nothing on the horizon past this month but I know that will change. 2017 has been my most quiet year yet so far, however, with all the rain we have been having, losing my father in-law, funeral planning, etc I have been quite thankful for the lull. It has also given me a chance to sit back and think about what direction I would like to take my business in. I used to do product photography for a local boutique (which has since closed) and I would like to get back into that. Also have been wanting to learn more about wedding photography. Not ready or interested in being the 1st shooter, but would like to start learning from a 3rd shooter stand point and then from there 2nd shooter. Also received an invitation to come speak about my photography on a local cable show; talk about being flattered and surprised!

December Re-cap

In true December fashion, the month has come and almost gone in a flash! Like every year, I kept my sessions for the month to a minimum. 2 family sessions and 2 milestone sessions.

I want to thank everyone for another fabulous photography year! I am truly blessed to get to do what I love and share it with others. I am looking forward to what 2017 has in store. I plan to break out of my comfort zone a bit photography wise, hopefully, it will go well!

November Re-Cap

Can you believe we’re in DECEMBER already?! Where has 2016 gone?! It really does feel like the year has gone by in a flash.
As always, November is my busiest month of the year. Everyone trying to get in their sessions for their yearly Christmas cards as well as milestone sessions for our November and December birthdays. I crammed in as many sessions as my calendar would allow between my kiddos Saturday soccer games, my running 2 half marathons and of course Thanksgiving.

December should be a pretty quiet month photography wise. I have 4 sessions on my calendar for the month and then I will be done for 2016. I always try to take off as much as I can in December since it is always a crazy month with classroom parties, Cub/Girl Scouts parties & caroling events, my husband’s team party, holiday parades (that my kids participate in) and my family has A LOT of December birthdays (10 to be exact) which means several birthday celebrations to attend, lol!!

Until the December re-cap….


October Re-Cap

October was a slower month photography wise, it was not something that could not be avoided though due to being out of town for 2 of the weekends for family weddings. Toss in the other 3 Saturday’s of the month full of soccer and that just left me with 3 Sunday’s to do pictures, lol!! Happy with what I was able to book and thankful as always to all my clients.
October held 3 family sessions and 2 Halloween themed sessions. Had one day of rain and needed to reschedule a family session for that day, am now doing them in about a week. November, as usual, is a busy month photography wise. I have 11 sessions booked for the month with the possibility of 2 more pending sessions.

Can you believe we are in the final weeks of the 2016 year? This year, to me, has really flown by.

September Re-cap

September is over for me photography wise so I figured I’d get my re-cap up while I was thinking about it.

September held a my first class of 2017 senior session – which was awesome. The lighting that day was on point and the location was a dream. Very pleased with how the session turned out. I also did a 1st birthday session for one of my cousins kiddos. Such a happy little guy he is! I had fun chasing him around the park and he loooooved the balloons I bought for the session. Did some maternity pictures for some friends whom are also my gym trainers. They are adding their 5th princess to their already beautiful family right around Thanksgiving time. Very excited for them and I am looking forward to meeting their new little one. 2 family sessions were on the books for the month, one was the annual Xmas card picture for some friends of mine. Their oldest daughter currently lives out of state so they took advantage of having her in town to do their family picture. So happy we were able to get our schedules to line up! The other set of family photos were for my husband, his siblings and their parents. Very emotional session and the pictures were hard for me to do due to the emotion. I am pleased with what we captured though and I need to get our copies printed and put up onto the walls…

Usually fall is my busiest season of the year, however, this year between various out of town trips for weddings, half marathons and soccer Saturday’s for my kiddos, I won’t be able to take on as many sessions as I would like too or as many as I have done in past years. Thus far, for October, I have 2 sessions scheduled for the month and I may also do a mini session day for Halloween mini’s. I have somewhat of an idea on what I would like to do, I just need to do a mock set up with my kiddos first to see if I can portray what I am thinking first. Hoping to get that done this weekend. I have 4 on the books thus far for November and am also pondering possible Xmas mini’s. I had a cute idea for Xmas mini’s last year, but no day to actually do them so I saved all the props, etc I had purchased…. I am thinking next year, I may do a few different mini session days at various locations to try to get everyone’s family pictures in. I thought about doing it this year, but with so many things going on family wise and just as many things “up in the air” so to speak, I ended up deciding against it for the 2016 season. For 2017 though, I think that is the way I’ll handle the fall season.

Earlier this week I booked my first session for the 2017 year; in April! I don’t think I have ever booked that far in advanced before!! Looking forward to meeting the family I will be photographing that day.